Tent Places

Canopy Tents By Michael offers quality and reliable tent rental services and catering in Greater Boston, MA and South Florida.

Over the years Canopy Tents by Michael set up tents in not only the places you’d usually thinks of, such as yards, parks, drive ways, at hotels and restaurants, stadiums, at churches and so on.

On occasion, our canopy tents had been in some quite unusual places.

Our event tent on a tugboat…

Event Tent on Towboat

Canopy Tents by Michael erected their tent on this brand-new, huge tugboat in the Boston harbor.

The rental tent was secured in the cleats of the tugboat.The debut party was a great success.

By the way, this tugboat is the largest of its kind in the Boston harbor and also serves as a fire boat.

Our canopy tent on a parking garage…

Tent Rental on top of Parking Garage

Our rental tents have also stood on the roof of a parking garage in Cambridge, MA.

One of our customers, a Cambridge based company had a company outing. As space in Cambridge is very limited, we had to come up with a creative idea to place the tent. After inspecting the location we decided to put it right on the roof of the parking garage.

Our party tent on a patio…

Tent on Patio at North Shore ResidenceIn any location, we will ensure that all safety regulations are complied with and your rental tent with all extras, e.g. lighting, decoration, and so on work properly, so you can enjoy your event.

If you are not sure, whether a tent might fit into your space or whether you plan to have a tent in unusual place, please check with us.

Call Canopy Tents by Michael today at 781-983-2384.

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